How about we talk about love this morning? The big one, the oversize that sweeps everything away.

From a simple summer flirtation, Adeline and Charles fell madly in love. And then years later, the proposal. A request every romantic would dream of: simple, surprising, sincere.

The request was well thought out on Charles’s side (he had been discreetly preparing this for a while) while on my side it was a real surprise. What joy to have seen nothing coming, happiness in its raw state!

Knowing my love for the family, Charles had commissioned my brother so that on November 9, 2013 he would gather me and my parents in the living room of the family home to watch together a so-called report on the city of Bordeaux. It is once the « report » is launched that we are all aware that it was actually THE proposal. At the end of the video it was just magical, Charles came out of the screen just like that and came into the living room and asked me for my hand. From that moment on, we shared with his parents, my parents and my brother an EXTRAORDINARY weekend during which Charles offered us restaurants, visits, magnificent hotels… We all had the feeling of being in weightlessness, invaded by a real fullness!

The choice of the place was symbolic for us, because it reasoned like a return to the sources on the place of our childhoods. Currently residing in Paris, we are both originally from Bordeaux, where our families still live. We wanted more than anything a wedding that resembled us, under the sign of simplicity, conviviality and sharing. Despite a Catholic education, we have chosen to celebrate our union in a secular way to gather all religions around universal values of happiness, love & sharing. On Saturday July 11, 2015, we first celebrated our wedding at the wedding of Artigues near Bordeaux to follow us to the place of our secular ceremony. This place was located in Podensac (in the Sauternes vineyard), we had a crush for this place which is called the Chartreuse des Eyres. It is a small bourgeois house, a real place of life in which there were guest rooms, a reception room & a small park very wooded. Our secular union took place in this park under the trees. This very cosy and human size place literally seduced us, because during this day our desire was really to be able to be close to our friends & families (approximately 120 people) to make only one the time of a day.

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