And if today we created a country wedding, your country wedding! The country style for a wedding is the big trend of the moment, and if it lasts it’s because we can modulate the theme according to everyone’s desires and personalities. It is not because today many future bride and groom choose the country theme for their D-Day that, by doing the same, you will have a wedding like everyone else! Get that idea out of your head and let your imagination run wild! The country, yes, but with a touch of your personality!

Depending on the country style you have chosen (rustic, authentic, chic, guinguette), play with beige, linen, wood tones. Add field flowers in the colors of your choice (don’t forget the greenery), decorate your guests’ tables with photophores and use jars for candles or your centerpieces.

A frame in which are hung (thanks to small wooden clothes pegs) the lists of the names of your guests according to the table you have designated for them (and why not name the tables of names of field flowers?). For place brands, ask your friends and family to keep their wine caps! Print the names of your guests on cardboard paper, make a notch in the cork stopper and slip the small cardboard into it.

A wheelbarrow filled with ice to keep your drinks cool, buckets with flowers and floating candles, flowery suspensions to embellish your reception area and give it a little magic side or these flower ice cubes that will surprise your guests.

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