Absolute favorite for this wedding from the north of France. He from Lille, she from Paris, it was in Australia that they met and we decided to love each other forever. For the anecdote, Sarah is also the talented photographer of Bros & Sister and of you to me, I am a little ultra fan of her work. This marriage, they imagined it with all their heart and in the smallest details.

Did I ever tell you how much I was in love with this wedding?

Sarah tells us…

« We met almost 5 years ago, not around the corner but exactly 16,290 km from France.  He had just flown for 6 months with his best friend in Australia, I arrived alone on my side, 3 months after him.

After several fruit picking missions, 400 cases of tomatoes and sweet potatoes later, the « what if we loved each other forever? » falls on us in a dingy backpacker in a small town on the outskirts of Brisbane.

Six months later we had travelled long and wide across Australia and even Thailand, to finally find ourselves in France. He from Lille, I from Paris decide to choose the capital and settle there.

We are lovers of Spain and the idea of one day living there has always titillated our minds. Even when we met in Australia, we never stopped thinking about Spain and its exoticism fascinated us.

It is therefore quite naturally that Alex chose Barcelona to make his request.

We gave ourselves 10 days of break and he took advantage of a small walk at the end of the day to take me in a discreet creek (crowded the day but by chance nobody that evening if it is a diver who surely had to adore the scene !).

A few days before, he had managed to pick up a small shell into which he slipped the ring. We were sitting on the sand, when I saw this little shell on the edge of a rock not far from me. Inside, my grandmother’s engagement ring that she had entrusted to him a few weeks earlier.

I turned around, he knelt down and…you know the rest!  A moment full of emotion, of which I keep an intact memory to the detail!

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