A walk in the mountains, and a series of images made by Capyture for this wedding atmosphere in the colors of autumn imagined by Nathalie, Majenia. Crush for this flamboyant table, which blends flowers and seasonal fruits in a delightful way…

Nathalie tells us more about her inspirations…  » Autumn brings unique colors, warm, orange… that it is interesting to work. The meadows change shades, the trees too, the snow begins to point the tip of his nose. He also brings his share of seasonal fruits: apples, pears, khakis, which I wanted to stage for a gourmet and generous decoration. The copper stuck perfectly to these tones, with mottled vases, oil lamps. But also clay pots, silver or wooden cutlery and old plates to accentuate the raw and rustic side. Seasonal flowers: ranunculus, astrances, some hellebores, anemones, grasses and plants picked in the garden. »

« I really enjoyed making the flower arrangements, in a destructured and wild spirit.

A sober stationery shop so as not to overload the table. And to finish off a rustic table of simple and gourmet sweets: doughnuts, chocolate rolled cake, almond croissants, accompanied by wooden and wicker elements and trays.

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