You have decided not to do like everyone else, and avoid the summer heat for your wedding? A wedding in winter is so much more poetic… Nothing like a beautiful chalet hidden in the snowy mountains, a beautiful bride wrapped in a beautiful cape, a good hot meal by the fire… If you already see yourself there, if these small details make you dream, stay with us, Zankyou presents you the best reasons to get married in winter.

A winter wedding costs less!

Let’s start with the practical side. In winter, you can save a lot of money, with reductions on services sometimes going up to 50% of the price. A great opportunity to save at the reception or wedding venue, and offer yourself a luxury honeymoon to escape the sun after your wedding.

A night by the fire is fun too!

When you think of a winter wedding you immediately imagine a wedding in the mountains, a reception in a large room in wooded tones, a cosy atmosphere and « by the fire ». Hard to find, you say? Don’t get me wrong, France is full of superb reception venues made for winter weddings. The Mont d’Arbois club in Megève is a perfect example with its fully restored wooded barns.

Exit the small aperitif dinner, place at the raclette.

After having sacrificed months and months of aperitifs (well one abuses a little) to keep a perfect line for your marriage, it is the moment to say stop. With an outside temperature of about -1000 degrees, the cold buffet is no thanks. We prefer here a good hot dish, preferably made with processed cheese. And the next day, instead of the classic brunch, why not enjoy a giant raclette with your guests? A perfect way to end the weekend.

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