Arcachon and its fine sand, its warm pines and its magnificent beach… What a ravaging setting for a wedding! Inspired by weddings with a marine theme, Marie and her team created a lay ceremony for us in small groups, celebrated in the Arcachon basin. Surrounded only by their witnesses and the wild beauty of the place, the newlyweds took advantage of these precious moments to take some original photos under the salty wind of the Gironde coasts.

Getting married on the beach? This dream now becomes a reality thanks to secular ceremonies and a luxury event planner France. For a beach wedding, nothing better than to symbolize your love with the sand ritual (you don’t know the rituals? I explain everything here!).

This sand ritual consists in symbolizing the union of two unique beings to form only one, while respecting their own identity. Each spouse has a container of sand, each of a different color to represent their respective souls. To symbolize their union, they will in turn pour their sand into a common jar, symbol of their love and this new life together. The mixed sands can never be separated, they are united for life.

Celebrating your wedding in a small committee offers many advantages. Among them, the opportunity to spend a privileged moment with the people who are dearest to us. For this wedding in Arcachon, our newlyweds took the opportunity to take some unique and original pictures taken with the complicity and good humour of their wedding witnesses. Staging to reproduce for your own wedding?

A decoration inspired by the Pilat dune

Driftwood, rope, wild herbs and natural materials are found in this very pretty table decoration. Sails in the wind, the drapes hanging from the arches isolate our tender lovers and their witnesses in a cocoon of happiness and beautiful moments shared. As a gift from guests, each witness receives a small jar of salt from the bay to recall the marine scents of this wedding in Arcachon. The right idea to take? Personalize the chairs of the happily married with « Her » and « Him », but it can also be « Sir » and « Madam » or a « You » and « Me ».

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