With this week ringing the bells of a summer that promises to be wonderful, I take this opportunity to share with you a beautiful shooting of inspirations, for all future brides who dream of a wedding on the beach.

Feet in the sand and eyes in the blue of the ocean, this shooting gives a taste of the holidays by taking us on the shores of the Mediterranean a few steps from Perpignan.

Celebrating a wedding on the hot sand

With secular ceremonies, it is quite possible to celebrate your wedding on hot sand! As here in Torreilles, where the Maya Club offers the bride and groom their private beach, for an intimate ceremony, facing the sea… Floated wood, ladies Jeanne and Emmanuelle chair bring to this wedding a marine and natural atmosphere.

My crush? The garlands of light in the ladies Jeanne that turn them into romantic candle holders ! Ideal decoration to start the evening in a cosy and warm atmosphere.

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